It’s Time to Cut the Cord – Cloud Accounting

Everyone has to start somewhere. And when it comes to accounting software, so many small business owners start with a desktop version on a PC or private server at the office.

But, as you’ve probably noticed, that setup doesn’t work so well when: 

  • You have a mobile workforce
  • Your business expands to multiple locations
  • Your offsite bookkeeper, tax preparer, or auditor needs access to your system

For evolving businesses like yours, cloud accounting is the perfect solution. And Ducks In A Row (DIAR) can get you up and running in no time.

Cloud Accounting 101

With cloud accounting, your accounting system and data are housed on a remote server connected to the internet.

There are two main benefits to the cloud-based model:

  1. Security
    Cloud accounting data centers follow strict physical and data security procedures, including:
    • Limiting access to the buildings and rooms where data is stored by using retina and fingerprint scanners
    • Protecting data electronically with firewalls and multiple layers of password management
    • Creating computer and data redundancy for disaster recovery
    • 24/7 network monitoring to protect against cyber attacks
  1. Convenience

You can access a cloud accounting system anytime, anywhere, from any device that has a web browser, including remote desktops with private connections.

And no more software or version upgrade — in the cloud, they’re automatic.

Ducks In A Row can help

At DIAR, we’ve had years of experience with QuickBooks — including the cloud-based QuickBooks Online. Our professionals can:

  • Provide you with QuickBooks Online (we’re an authorized QuickBooks reseller)
  • Migrate your data to the cloud-based QuickBooks
  • Train you and your staff to use the new technology

Get your Ducks In A Row.

Contact us and take your accounting mobile.


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