Strike Your Perfect Inventory Balance

It’s the classic dilemma for wholesale distribution business like yours. When there’s too much inventory, your margins erode. But when there’s too little, your sales suffer. It’s hard to hit the sweet spot in the middle — and even harder to stay there.

But with the right insights, from the right business partner, it can be done. That’s why so many players in your industry rely on Ducks In A Row (DIAR).  We’re a dedicated group of business advisors, accountants, and QuickBooks experts. And we’re eager to make your acquaintance.

What we do

At DIAR, we understand wholesale distribution. But your company has its own goals and challenges. We’ll give you the financial clarity it takes to meet them. And, based on your tracking requirements, we’ll set up a powerful accounting system to monitor your inventory and keep it flowing at high volume.

Ducks In A Row can also help you with:

  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual bookkeeping services, including reconciliations, accounts payable, and accounts receivable support
  • Payroll software selection, reporting, tax compliance, workers compensation, and other payroll management issues
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Accounting software selection and customization
  • Chart of Accounts design for expense management
  • Financial report preparation and interpretation
  • Mobile accounting functionality
  • Industry benchmarking

Get your Ducks In A Row.

Ask us how we can set you up for success.


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