Guidance to Grow On – Outsourced CFO/Controller

Your hard work is paying off. Your small business is growing – and you’re at the point where you need the higher-level services of a controller or even a CFO. How do you get those services, on your budget, with the experience and expertise you need?

Outsource them to the experts at Ducks in a Row (DIAR). Our financial know-how, powered by deep industry insights, will propel your business to a whole new level of profitability. 

Introducing your new Outsourced CFO/controller

When you partner with Ducks In A Row you can focus on (and pay for) the high-level services your company needs most. Our outsourced CFOs/controllers help small to mid-sized businesses in a range of industries with:

  • Cash flow management
  • Month-end close and financial reporting
  • Systems and workflow improvement
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Internal controls for fraud and theft risk reduction
  • Advisory services like profit margin, revenue analysis, and forecasting
  • Bookkeeper selection, supervision, and training

We can also serve as a sounding board for your business ideas. So you’ll always feel confident your next move is a wise one.

Get your Ducks In A Row.

Let’s talk about making your business even better.    


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