You Give It Everything You’ve Got. We’ll Give You Everything You Need.

Your business may be small — for now. But you have big ambitions, a clear vision, and plenty of hustle. And when you need accounting or business advisory services, you’ve got us – Ducks In A Row (DIAR).

Our highly skilled team can give you the financial confidence of a much larger company for less than you might expect. Which frees up time and talent you can use to keep your business growing.   

How we help

Ducks In A Row started out as a small company, just like yours. You might be surprised at just how many industries we work with and the long list of things we do for them.  

For our many service-based business clients, we provide time-tracking support to facilitate job costing.

Here are just a few of the other accounting, bookkeeping, and business consulting functions DIAR can handle for you:

  • Financial report preparation and interpretation
  • Accounting and payroll software selection, setup, customization, and training
  • Business processes
    • Accounts payable (bill pay)
    • Accounts receivable (collections)
    • Cash management and cash flow forecasting
  • Outsourced controller services, such as budgeting and comparative financials
  • Outsourced CFO services, including financial strategy, modeling, and market analysis
  • Chart of Accounts design to improve expense management
  • Mobile accounting functionality
  • Sales tax reporting and compliance
  • Payroll management tasks including:
    • Third-party provider selection
    • Reporting
    • Tax compliance
    •  Workers compensation
  • Employee vs. contractor hiring cost analysis
  • Industry benchmarking

Of course, what we do is just part of the reason companies love working with us. They also value the way we do it: by knowing them personally, taking pride in our work, and always having their back. 

Get your Ducks In A Row

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